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About FAL Propeller Service for props, shafts and sterngear

7th December 2016

FAL Scottish Propeller Service Ltd was first established in 1961

FAL Scottish Propeller Service Ltd was first established in 1961 by Mr. Fred A. Langnes who was a Norwegian evacuee from the north of Norway and came to this country in 1944. When he arrived in Glasgow he was sent north to Buckie to work in a shipyard which at that time was being run by Norwegians. He worked at various shipyards in Buckie as a blacksmith and one day in the course of his work he was asked if he would be able to braze a tip onto a damaged propeller.

Not a simple Job

Fred knew that this was not as simple as just welding on a new tip to the damaged blade but that it would need to be the same shape, thickness & angle as the other blades and that it would need to be balanced, so firstly he set about making up new specific tools to do the work and also to check that it had been done correctly. When the repair was finished and proven to be 100% successful he began to repair several propellers a year and soon realised that he may be able to make a living repairing propellers on his own so in 1961 he purchased an old fish smoking building for the princely sum in those days of £ 148.00 and with the help of family and friends gutted the interior of the building and re-fitted it to begin his propeller repair business.

Third generation at FAL

The company is now in its third generation and having required expansion has moved three times since its start to a new purpose built premises and has gained an enviable reputation within the propeller industry having repaired almost 35,000 propellers since its humble beginnings in the old fish smoking building.

The propellers we have dealt with range from the small 10” diameter right up to propellers of 12 feet in diameter fixed pitch and also variable pitch blades up to 6 feet each in length and metals of manganese bronze, nickel aluminium bronze, copper manganese bronze otherwise known as superstone and also stainless steel. We have also carried out repairs to classification surveys and our customers include inshore and deep sea fishermen, pleasure boaters, yachtsmen, commercial boat users, gas and oil industries, the RNLI and even the Ministry of Defence.

Latest equipment calculates your Prop repair

We pride ourselves in being able to modify the pitch angles on up to 20” depending on the size of the propeller and of course the condition of the metal. As well as propeller repairs we can also make and supply new propeller shafts, rudder shafts, stern tubes, rudder tubes, couplings, bearings and of course new propellers which can sometimes be supplied from our own large stock.

We also have the latest HydroComp computer programme which allows us to calculate the optimum propeller size to suit each vessel’s specific details. Should you wish to contact us you will find all our details on our website at with links to facebook and youtube where you can find photos and videos showing our work.

FAL Scottish Propeller Service Ltd 1 March Road West. Buckie. AB56 4BU. Tel: 01542 832185 Fax: 01542 833706 Vat Reg: GB 265 3821 51



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