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complete stern- gear made to order from couplings to propeller nuts


mark langnes [Trade]

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FAL propellers can supply complete stern-gear solutions for your vessel.
In our machine shop in buckie we can supply and manufacture shafts from 25mm to 3.5 inch diameter by 7m long and up to 4.5 inches in diameter by 3m long in either 316 or F51 duplex grade bright ground steel.
most sizes kept in stock for quick turn around.
specialists in manufacturing and designing steel stern tubes with ether sure seal or bronze packing glands
we supply rudder tubes and rudder shafts with matching flanges.
couplings either tapered or clamp on extensive selection in stock.
one of the few companies that can supply propellers and matching shafts from stock.
see our photos for a section of the work done in 2016

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