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New Mustang 2 Whelk pot

South Devon
Now available are our New Mustang2 Whelk pots.
The idea was to perfect our Mk2 whelk pot by having new wider base moulds manufactured to allow for heavier weights to be fitted.
The base holes are now moulded in the same way as the Fish-Tec pots which provides extra strength and less flex.
The result is a stronger , heavier whelk pot which will work far better in stronger tidal areas, they stack a bit tighter together so they are less likely to fall over when stacked.
As with the Mk2s these are moulded by us in the UK with an industrial high impact polymer that will give you many years of hard service, choice of colours available.
We can manufacture these pots with 10, 11 and 12kg bare steel or plastic coated weights and in a 12 inch high 24 litre or a 14" high 30 litre drum.
The plan was to make the ultimate round whelk pot and I think we have hit the nail on the head with this one.
We are delighted with the results of this product and I am sure anyone who uses these pots will be delighted too.
24 litre pots with an 10 kg bare steel weight comes out at £40.50 each with a polysteel bridle and large spinner. £44.50 with plastic coated weight.
30 litre pots with an 11 kg bare steel weight comes out at £42.90 each with a polysteel bridle and large spinner, £46.40 with plastic coated weight.

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