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Prawn Creels / prawn parlours


Chris Martin Medley Pots [Trade]

Calling from a different country? Use the country code (+44) and drop the “0” at the beginning of the number (if there is one).


Medley Pots prawn creels 65mm ring or 85mm ring eyes fitted
22" frame
8mm steel
bait string
hook and elastic

** Prices from £26 + vat per creel**
Scottish northern and west coast surcharge may apply, confirmation on request.

Delivery by full container (960) only at this time, discounted prices on current stock to be imported including delivery.

Message or email for details and ordering.

Click here for more information (external site).

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE.  If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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