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SQUIDISCO squid attraction lights pair for sale or hire

£1,900 +VAT

Seafield Navigation Ltd [Trade]
01346 511411

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Developed between 2017 and 2019 in conjunction with MV Radiance INS240, Squidisco turned a very sporadic fishery into a financial mainstay fishery .
While using Squidisco , Radiance squid catches were consistently well above their normal from previous years without Squidisco.
Watch the video below.

Mount the 2 forward pointing lights in mesh bags on the trawl headline to lure squid out of hiding on the seabed into the trawl mouth.
For jigging the lights can be pointing down from the surface or up from the seabed, or in between.

Lights are supplied in pairs and are water activated, Charger included. Charge every trip for best results. Can be left on net to spool onto net drum when hauling. Weight in water 0.22kg

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