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310 Ltr insulated container with lid, plugs and rubber straps

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For Sale:

310 Ltr Insulated Fishtub WITH LID

£260 +VAT per unit
Complete with integral pallet feet, lid, plugs and rubber ties
Ships to UK & Ireland 3 to a pallet or 6 to an oversized pallet
Can ship single tubs - call for shipping price
Printing boat name and number option £15 tub & lid (looks professional & deters theft)
Lead time - 2 days
Ext: L915 x W715 x H765mm (36" x 28" x 30")
Int: L865 x W665 x H575mm (34" x 26" x 22.5")

Keeps fish, ice and bait - improve your catch quality & price by chilling onboard.
Ideal size for small and medium sized boats
Hand twist plugs with proper seal - no need for special key
Tubs are stackable with and without lids ( 70Ltr tubs stack neatly 2 lengthwise onto 310Ltr tubs)

Kieran Ward [Trade]

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