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3D seabed charts for Sodena / Fishingwin plotters Turbowin, Easywin, Solowin

Fraserburgh, With…
£750 +VAT

Seafield Navigation Ltd [Trade]
01346 511411

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Professionally surveyed and processed, these 3D charts will help yield a better catch for less effort.
Compiled from soundings accurate to 10cm in 3 dimensions, strategically analysed for the fishing industry and already used by hundred of vessels.
Previously invisible seabed details are made crystal clear.
Uncharted edges, contours,wrecks, and seabed features jump out at you to give better catches and safer fishing.
Coverage folios stretch from Shetland , to Porcupine bank, Nymph bank, Irish Sea, Dogger bank , Fladdens prawn ground and into the UK, Irish and French coast.
Existing users can update their present 3D charts for £250 per folio.
The videos below carry a list of local dealers at the end.
Most of our dealers have live demo systems to let you see the charts, if they dont -ask us and we will arrange it.

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