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AIS explained

by FAFB 7th February 2023
AIS quickly explained for Commercial fishermen

'Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a modern technological tool that is revolutionizing commercial fishing. AIS is an electronic system that enables ships to automatically identify themselves and exchange information with other vessels and coastal authorities. The main purpose of AIS is to increase the safety of navigation, prevent collisions and increase the efficiency of shipping. In the fishing industry, AIS has become an essential tool for monitoring fishing activity, improving the safety of fishing vessels, and providing real-time information on vessel locations and movements. AIS data can be used to track the movement of fishing vessels, monitor their fishing activity, and help to identify illegal fishing activities. This information can be used by authorities to monitor and enforce fishing regulations, as well as by fishing companies to improve their operations and increase their efficiency. One of the key benefits of AIS in commercial fishing is the ability to track fishing vessels in real-time. This allows fishing companies to keep track of their vessels and monitor their fishing activities, even when they are far out at sea. With AIS, fishing companies can quickly identify any vessels that may be operating illegally, and report this information to the relevant authorities. Another important benefit of AIS is improved safety. AIS allows fishing vessels to identify other ships and vessels in their vicinity, and to share information about their own location, speed, and course. This helps to prevent collisions and other accidents, and can also help rescue services to quickly locate a vessel in the event of an emergency. Finally, AIS can help fishing companies to increase their efficiency and productivity. With real-time information on vessel locations and movements, fishing companies can better plan their operations and make informed decisions about where to allocate their resources. This can help to optimize fishing operations, reduce costs, and increase profits. In conclusion, AIS is an essential tool for commercial fishing companies looking to improve their operations, increase safety, and protect their interests. With AIS, fishing companies can better monitor their vessels, improve their fishing operations, and ensure that their operations are in compliance with regulations. If you operate a fishing vessel, it is highly recommended that you invest in an AIS system to take advantage of these benefits Visit the Electotech website to find out more

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