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About Cheetah marine

22nd December 2017

The cheetah marine story

The original Cheetah Catamaran was designed by Sean Strevens in 1989 . Sean was fishing from a surf beach on the south of the Isle of Wight. The design was radical and ‘Cheetah’ rapidly caught on with other local fisherman who saw the advantages of Sean’s catamaran. Cheetah Marine went into production in 1991 designing and building bespoke catamarans based on each customer’s specific requirements. In 2012, Sean Strevens was nominated by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects and as a member of RINA. He continues to design and develop the entire Cheetah range.

Today The Cheetah Team comprise around 30 skilled boat builders, The core management remains the dedicated Strevens family team alongside two Technical Engineers, Barry Sales and Simon Waring, capable of advising customers before and throughout the build process. With a wide variety of marine backgrounds and 25 years experience in boat building,

The range is extensive

The range of cheetah models is extensive , with sizes from 6.2m to 11.2m . it includes commercial fishing applications , recreational fishing boats , survey, charter angling , harbour launch , safety vessel , all made to the customers specific requirements

7.9m survey Cheetah

Another 7.9m Survey Cheetah has been delivered with a following on location handover & training programme to her new team in the south of France. 7.9m ‘Archi-Med’ is located in Sete and will be used for hydrographic work including seafloor mapping and sub-surface bathymetry throughout the Region Occitane in the French Mediterranean coast.

Cheetah’s 7.9m survey series has been reported as being one of the most versatile small survey boats available and is now being operated by hydrographic offices, research centres and port authorities worldwide. 7.9m ‘Archimed’ features Cheetah Marine’s patented hydropod system which enables highly accurate positioning of survey equipment during both transit and survey phases. The hydropod is supported within a triangulation frame to ensure data collection aligns with positioning systems and recalibration is not required between survey sites. A swinging davit fitted to the aft wheelhouse bulkhead with a remotely operated electric winch provides lifting for the central moonpool sonar head as well as deployment via the starboard side door for additional survey equipment.

over 380 cheetah marine catamarans

Over 380 cheetah marine catamarans have now been built since 1989 ,and the company deserves a well earned reputation for well built , fast ,economic grp catamarans.

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