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findafishingboat on the way back machine

30th March 2020

Ever wondered How FAFB looked back in 2001?

This is how FAFB looked in 2001 you can view FAFB adverts as they were back then

the FAFB website was started in 1999 and by 2001 the waybackmachine web archive started taking a snap shot of how it looked

at this time the site was made using a platform called Frontpage And most adverts were entered manually

To try findafishingboat as it worked in 2001 Click here on the way back machine

It loads a little slower but you can try out the website as it was

By 2003

By 2003 technology had moved on

FAFB was rebuilt on a platform called Dreamweaver and the look and functions were a bit more polished

Ships wheel

When we used the ships wheel to navigate the boat categories we thought we were really cutting edge

Does anyone remember this feature ?

To try FAFB from 2003 click here and visit waybackmachine

You can still click most buttons And view many of the old adverts , some still have pictures ,who thought prices were high back then ?

Thanks to the way back machine you can visit FAFB at various times over the past 20 years

we are planning to add to this article and hopefully it will be a light hearted diversion Take care and Stay Healthy

way back machine

you can use the way back machine to access most websites in the past

here is a link to the BBC website from 28th Jan 1999

just as FAFB was getting under way

why not try it yourself here is the link to the waybackmachine

finally FAFB from Feb 2014

Finally a link to fafb from Feb 2014

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