Reasons to login to FAFB

18th January 2017

Benefits of logging in to FAFB

Many people use FAFB and dont login except when they want to place an advert However there are many advantages and functions which can be accessed when you are logged in Many useful functions have been added over the years

Here are some of the functions you might not be aware of

First click on login then enter the email address and password you registered with

If you have not registered before then choose that option now

Once you are logged in you have many options in your account

You can place an advert choose any category and place a new advert

My adverts view and edit your adverts

View enquiries about my ads. Lets you see any enquiry that came through the fafb system. They are stored in case your own email system fails or puts your mail in spam

My saved adverts see any advert you viewed on fafb and saved

Edit my details edit your own personal details and contact information, including changing your email address

Change my password you can create a new password which you might find easy to remember

logout you only need to do this if you are using a public computer

functions for editing your adverts

you can see any adverts you have already created

MY ads Oposite any of your adverts you can see the options underlined in blue text

Upload Pictures adding new pictures will keep your advert up to date

Edit advert change any detail on your advert importantly you might decide to change the price

BumpLets you bring an advert back to the top of the home page and lists at any time good to do if you have just edited the advert

Renew allows you to renew an expired advert

Categories lets you ad your advert to other relevant category sections of fafb

Mark sold be sure to mark your advert as sold to let buyers know your item is no longer for sale , when you click this sold is added to your advert and all your contact details and the price are removed

Order history this is one of the most recent buttons and this allows you to download a copy of your vat invoices in case you have mislaid this or it has gone in your own email spam folder by mistake

remove ad only use this function once you mark an tem sold , this button removes the record from your account for good

You can now delete adverts from your fafb account

For your convenience you can now remove old ads from your fafb account

Sold your item .?

Click mark sold

That advert will now have the remove ad option

Click this button and that advert will be gone from your account

Dont make a mistake this cant be undone

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