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Boy Andrew Seine Netter/Fly Shooter Lands in Scrabster

16th November 2017

Boy Andrew Landing into Scrabster

The Boy Andrew landed into Scrabster harbour last night. Mr Andrew Bremner kindly invited Dave from Findafishingboat on board to have a look round this state of the art, fly shooter/seine netter. The Boy Andrew is a modern design 27.5m fly shooter, seine netter which was completed and brought back from Denmark earlier this year . She has now started fishing based from her home port of Scrabster . After completing fishing trials in Feb 2017 Fishing has now got well under way and the Bremners are delighted with the way the vessel is performing

In the hold

The hold can store up to 1100 boxes and the ship makes its own flake ice. It was inspiring to see the catch being handled so well.

Andrew Bremner junior told me that the catch can be in the net for as little as 30 minutes during the catching process, this partly explains the exceptional quality of the catch. However once the fish is onboard it is quickly dealt with, gutted and washed then weighed and sorted by size before careful storing in boxes using good quality flake ice, layered perfectly with fish paper in between layers. This fish is presented to market in a way that the entire crew can be very proud of.

FIsh Market Scrabster 9.30 am 16-11-2017

The catch arrives in perfect condition to be auctioned at Scrabster fish market. Buyers are keen to get hold of this top quality product.

At the controls of Boy Andrew

Andrew showed me around the wheelouse and was happy to explain how the entire fishing operation is controlled. The ship has three steering positions - port, starboard and aft. The most used position during fishing operations is looking aft. From here the entire ship can be viewed on multiple CC TV screens and the sonars, plotters, echo sounders, AIS etc are used to aid the fishing process. The new wassp sonar system is another welcome addition to the electronics.

Aft navigation and control station

The catching operation is usually controlled from here

Shore support

Reliable and efficient shore support is not always considered but any big operation is enhanced by good back up and support when it is needed. Edward is on hand to to liase with the engineer and undertake essential maintenance and cast an eye over things while the boat is briefly in port. Edward was engineer on two of the previous Boy Andrews and is still enjoys being part of this team.

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