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Is grant funding available for your harbour ?

20th September 2017

Fit-for-Purpose harbours project

The North & East Coast IFG has instigated our Fit-for-Purpose harbours project to find out what all the commercial inshore fishing harbours in the region need by way of new facilities and improvements to make them fit-for-purpose for the foreseeable future.

This project responds to lots of reports from inshore fishermen that their harbour lacked facilities and needed repairs or replacement of existing facilities.

Many harbours have the same set of needs and a 'shopping list' (see below ) has been created to help fishermen decide between themselves what the may require for their harbour. Completed shopping lists should be emailed to the NECRIFG Chairman Iain Maddox who will collate responses and initiate a funding application.

if you are in the NECRIFG contact Iain Maddox here by email

Fishermen in other parts of Scotland reading this could take their shopping list to their local FLAG, contact information on the Marine Scotland website

Dunbar Fishermen's Association were recently awarded a 100% grant for a chiller/freezer unit and ice-making machine.

Dunbar gets 100%grant funding

potential shopping list for Fishermen

NECRIFG Fit-for-Purpose harbours project
Item Notes Quantity Comments 1 Bunded fuel tank Self-service with receipt system
2 Fuel tank upgrade
3 Powered davit winch At landing bay/s
4 Maintenance bay Raised platform with water & electricity
5 Used oil tank
6 Power washer
7 Harbour safety lighting Automatic & light sensitive
8 Toilet 24/7 access with hot water & dryer
9 HSE compliant ladders Includes LED lighting
10 Non-slip surfacing All working areas
11 Safety branders At landing bay and mooring berths
12 Vertical rubber fenders To prevent 'bad lay' and protects vessel
13 Rescue equipment Life ring, boat hook etc
14 Defibulator
15 Industrial first aid kit
16 Flake ice machine
17 Ice bin & lid
18 Chiller/freezer unit
19 Bait store
20 Industrial weighing scales
21 Forklift
22 Pallet truck
23 SEPA compliant spillage boom
24 Storage lock-up
25 CCTV system
26 Boat crane
27 Upgrades to existing facilities
28 Harbour dredging
29 Harbour repair work
30 Anything else?

Else where in the UK look EMff link below ?


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