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Hydra-perm Hydraulics

10th January 2017

Hydra-Perm-Co Ltd

Mention FAFB when you ask for your quote to get the best prices.

Permco: The boating / fishing industries hydraulic product of choice

At Hydra-Perm-Co Ltd we have been supplying the boating and fishing industry with hydraulic equipment since 1991. The boating and fishing industry allows us to deal with a wide range of customers ranging from individual boat owners through to large boat yards and has given us the chance to build up a good established reputation within the industry. With our technical sales staff, we always aim to find the right solution for your hydraulic boating needs, even if you have very little information on what you require, we will go that extra mile to find the right solution for you. The choice of product for majority of our boating / fishing industry customers, is products from our Permco range.

The Permco product range consists of cast iron gear pumps and motors and flow dividers, with displacements ranging from 10cc/rev up to 199c/rev, with a variety of shaft and mounting options available. This range is also interchangeable with many other leading brands of equipment, allowing customers to make use of the many benefits of the products. With our in-house engineering team on hand, a wide range of individual specifications can be catered for whatever your requirement may be. A list of technical and service benefits of this range are listed below.

  • High pressure hydraulic gear pumps and motors
  • Displacements ranging from 10cc to 199 cc/rev
  • Suitable for use with mineral oils, water glycols, fire resistant fluids and skydrol
  • Operating pressure up to 310 bar (4500psi)
  • Multiple stages available
  • Various shaft, mounting and porting options available from stock
  • Take advantage of our 24 hour turnaround, to limit your downtime if your boat breaks down or quickly needs a replacement.
  • ATEX approved to Zone I

Furthermore, we are the sole official distributors for Permco, regarding the UK, European and Middle Eastern region. This allows us to offer customers the best quality and competitive prices and pass this added value on to them.

If you think we have something to offer you from our Permco range, please contact a member of our sales team today at: . Alternatively if you would like to speak to someone in person, please telephone: 0113 236 1367. Our website: will give you full technical specification of our Permco range with all relevant data sheets for your own viewing. Don`t forget Mention FAFB to get the best quotation.

Our address is: Hydra-Perm-Co Ltd, Unit 20, Silver Court, Intercity Way, Bramley, Leeds, LS13 4LY, United Kingdom

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