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Osprey plastic injection moulding

24th December 2016

Osprey has been manufacturing high spec quality products for over sixty years

Osprey Limited is a long standing Plastic Injection Moulding company based in Scarborough with over sixty years experience in manufacturing high specification, quality products.

Over the years we have been able to work with some of the world’s finest trawl, net, pot and creel manufacturers in order to produce the highest quality plastic components designed specifically for the fishing industry.

We have such a variety of products ranging from cod end rings, thimbles and pot spinners for rope and netting products through to entrance eyes, escape hatches, bases, side & top panels and base trays for crab pot and creel making. We also manufacture ancillary products such as net mending needles and pilot ladder steps….and even make Crab Shells to catering industry specification!

Floor Panels

Osprey’s pot and creel base panels are available in eight sizes. Made from high quality fully recyclable polyethylene they are designed to give many years service. Where there is no direct size panel for your pots, the floor panels can be cut down and adjusted to fit most traditional pot sizes or repair damaged panels

Panel size Panel code Price 25” x 18” GRMFP25 £4.82 27“x 20” GRMFP27 £4.88 30” x 20” GRMFP30 £4.98 34”x 20” GRMFP34 £5.14 36” x 20” GRMFP36 £5.41 38” x 20” GRMFP38 £5.67 26.5”x16.7” GDMLPP £5.21 29.5”x20” GDDCPB (Parlour panel) £5.08

Discounts can be given for volume orders

Pot Hooks

Osprey’s Pot hooks are ergonomically designed to enable ease of use when handling your creels and pots. There are two versions— the tried & tested black hook and the new improved Opti Grip Hook with a stop ring on the shaft to prevent your hand slipping when handling. Manufactured in Nylon they are durable, long lasting product.

Product Dimensions Product Code Price Black Pot Hook 5.1? x 2.3? (130mm x 58mm) SPHBK £0.34 Opti Grip Pot Hook 5.5? x 2.6? (140mm x 67mm) SPHBL £0.37

Discounts can be given for volume orders


Osprey manufactures three different sized Spinners – each size is moulded in nylon for extra strength and durability. The purpose-built, three-holed spinner is used for the lowering, raising and tensioning of creels and pots.

Product Code Product Size Price SFSNS AA1 Nylon spinner I.D. 15mm O.D 18mm £0.41 SFS3H 3 Hole Nylon spinner All Holes I.D. 15mm £0.60 SFSNL BB2 Nylon spinner I.D. 17mm O.D. 20mm £0.74

Discounts can be given for volume orders

Pot side entrance eye

The Crab/Lobster Pot – Side Entrance Eye is perfect for a new pot build or a quick on board repair. The outer ring has moulded on hooks to easily locate onto pot netting. It can be secured by using tie wraps or bindings. The smaller entrance into the pot area has fingers that stretch and reform. The shape of this entrance can be influenced from round through to oval (or even a semi closed position) by tensioning the tie wrap location holes

Product code Price GRMLPE £2.52

Discounts can be given for volume orders

Bait box

Using Osprey Screw Top Bait Boxes can increase your catch by allowing the bait to survive for a longer period and small off-cuts, or other similar types of bait are retained within the mesh. Time savings can be made as the quick release lid allows instant access to the Bait Box achieving a quick turnaround on deck. The New Osprey Twist & Lock Bait Box comprises of two identical halves that simply twist together allowing instant access to the Bait Box. The bait box can be pre made up and snaps on and off the peg fitting in the creel for really quick bait changes. Osprey Screw Top Bait Boxes are manufactured in a purpose-modified polymer and is available in black as standard. Osprey Bait Boxes also protects your bait from Seals and other predators.

Product Code Product Price SBBA Screw Top Bait Box Assembly with String 4.7? High x 6.3? Diameter (120mm High x 160 mm Diameter) £3.81 SBBA Screw Top Bait Box Assembly with Bungee Cord 4.7? High x 6.3? Diameter (120mm High x 160 mm Diameter) £3.81 SBAITBA Twist & Lock Bait Box 4.7? High x 6.3? Diameter (120mm High x 160 mm Diameter) £3.49

Discounts can be given for volume orders

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