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Prawn tubes and other new products from Drawm

15th September 2015

DRAWM are now stocking prawn tubes for keeping live prawns

DRAWM, well known in the UK and Ireland for their range of Insulated containers are now supplying cool-boxes, prawn tubes/crates and correx boxes fish boxes”. Prawn Tubes/crates and correx fishboxes

DRAWM are now stocking prawn tubes for keeping live prawns. Prawn tubes come in small (6”), medium (8”) and large (10”) and are shipped flat packed. These can be supplied with or without the perforated crates.

Heavy duty Insulated containers

DRAWM Insulated Containers are durable food grade double walled containers. They are used by all food processors for storing and transporting product. The polyurethane foam insulation between the Polyethylene double wall is the key to its insulating properties, whilst it double wall of LDPE offers unbeatable strength. Sizes range from 70Ltr to 1000Ltrs.

(Caption for pic) Insulated containers used for harvesting Salmon

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Cool Boxes

Cool Boxes

Cool boxes are a must-have item for camping, fishing, caravanning, boating, picnics, at the beach or just partying. They are also excellent for showcasing cold products at exhibitions. If you just want something simple that will keep your food, drinks or other products cold without using electricity, your best bet is to get a cool box. DRAWM are pleased to offer its designer range of cool boxes as designed for the Australian market. Sizes range from 16Ltr to the 80Ltr wheeled cooler

”Polar Caddy” Ice boxes from DRAWM

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