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Trawl doors, steel fabrication and repair

7th August 2015

Trawl doors and Coastal vessels repair and fabrication offered by one company

Pukka trawl doors and A1 fabricationManufacturer and supplier direct of the Pukka Trawl Doors.

Available in Light/Medium and Heavy Duty construction for fishing on all types of ground. For fishing on hard ground doors are supplied with bolt on Bull Head Rail Shoes which can be replaced when worn down. For fishing on soft/mixed ground doors are supplied with abrasion plate shoes which is stitch welded on. Replacement shoes, chain and shackles can be supplied when required. Pukka Doors are suitable for single/twin rig giving good spread very stable.

A1 Fabrication provide most types of fabrication for fishing boats

A1 Fabrication and Welding Services Repair/ refurbishment of pontoons, barges, work boats. Manufacturer of Propellor Nozzles, Net Drums, Fish Washers etc. For full details please visit

A1 Fabrication and Pukka trawl doors are one company offering a wide range of services

A1 Fabrication based in Newtown Abbot Devon can make any bespoke item in the workshop, then arrange to install on your boat at most locations.

Kort nozzles rudders and stern gear.

Trawl gantrys, net drums, wheelhouses

Most bespoke items can be manufactured in steel.

Aft gantry with net drum

New net drum incorporating towing point was fabricated and installed to suit existing gantry

A new wheelhouse

New wheelhouse fabricated and ready to be installed.

Pukka doors

Pukka doors have been supplied in most sizes up to 2.4m for over 20 years now.

Shooting the doors, doors spreading

Repairs and refurbishment of steel plates

Repairs and refurbishment are regular jobs undertaken by A1 Fabrication and Pukka trawl doors.

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sensor tubes welded into pukka doors

5ft 3” Heavy Duty Twin Vent Pukka Doors with sensor tubes welded in recently completed for Mr David McKee FV Constant Friend, Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. This size of door is approx. equivalent to 6ft 6” V Profile

still fishing after 20 years

a prototype set of 5ft 3” Medium Duty Single Vent Pukka Doors which were rebuilt in and around the shoe area last year. Pictures taken prior to giving skipper tin of paint to finish off. They are nearly 20 years old and still fishing.

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