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ID: 76461
For Sale: Belitronic BJ5000 EX Jigging Machines.
Price: £2,299 + VAT per unit
Location: UK



Fairwater Fishing

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The Belitronic BJ5000 EX:

-Stronger and faster
-Larger display shows more info
-Draws less power
-More versatile mounting
-Wheel Lock function prevents line creep.
-Additional Jigging programs like Mackerel Plus Jig and Fish-Finding
-New compatible machines can be joined or networked and can be used to work each other or work together to maximise catch potential.
-Two Remote Control Units are available:
RC4 – A 4 button remote that controls one individual machine from elsewhere on deck or inside.
RC12 – A 12 button remote with the same Overlay as the EX machine can control up to 36 EX machines from inside the wheelhouse.

We have an RC12 unit we have been testing for a couple of years now so we are already familiar with the set up and use of this kit.

The Belitronic jiggers are very capable fishing machines that are great for catching Pollack, Cod, Mackerel and Squid and can be set up to catch pretty much anything else you can think of that will take a lure or baited hook.

When fishing for Mackerel the jiggers will drop the line and jig between set depths until fish are caught, it will sense the bite and haul the line, pull the hooks through the fish stripper then drop the line again. If the fish stop or slow the line at anytime the machine will immediately sense the bite and haul the line.

We are able to assist customers with setting up programming and using the machines from more than 10 years of practical experience.

All new Belitronic BJ5000 EX machines come with v1.2152 firmware.

The v1.2152 firmware contains several updates which for many people are big improvements for Mackerel fishing.
*Wheel lock is on as standard so no more line creep.
*Hook Zone allows the user to haul the lines at full speed then slow down to an optimum fish stripping speed.
*Improved menu layout. The machine is easier to set up and use for Mackerel Fishing.
*Communication between networked EX machines and RC units is greatly improved.

We have written our own English manual for the latest software version V1.2152 with simple button by button instructions telling you what the machine does and what you need to press to make it do that.
Our new manual makes using the Belitronic EX machines easier than ever before.
There are sections on-

*Technical Data.
*Button Layout and Usage.
*Set up.
*Start up.
*Ready to Fish.
*Problems and Fault finding.

The Fairwater Fishing Belitronic EX User Manual is included with all new EX machines sold and all v1.2152 software updates.

Call / email for quotes for BJ5000EX machines and RC units or for more information on any of the equipment.

We stock a full range of Belitronic accessories and commercial hook and line fishing gear.
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If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.