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For Sale:
bespoke angling launch(safehaven style?)
Portpatrick (near…
Predator II
Build Year:
Mainly Used For:

Charter Angling

Length (metres):
Beam (metres):
Draft (metres):
20 miles 12+2crew (from a safehaven in fair weather and fair light)
2 x perkins 6354.4 (130hp non turbo) built in 1987(?)
gps 128 plotter,navman fixed dsc vhf,lorenz fixed dsc vhf,furuno plotter,koden cvs 128 colour sounder,raymarine pro7 plotter sounder(3-D)(Navionics platinum uk/Ireland charts)
Other information:
The boat was originally "Yorkshire Lass" at Bridlington and I purchased it in 2013 and then moved the boat from Whitby to Portpatrick in southwest Scotland(DG98AN) in 2014.
The stbd gearbox,bellhousing and shaft were replaced in august 2013 and then another gearbox and oil cooler in January 18.
The port gearbox was changed February 2014
The boat underwent a major refit in 2015 having 2 new shafts(stainless 2.5") and 2 new propellors fitted.The propellors were upgraded from 3 blade 19"dia/16"pitch to 4 blade 22"dia/22"pitch and new shaft clamps.
New stbd starter motor and engine Bendix 2018
New exhausts and clamps fitted 2018
There has been lots of work done on the engines and I am not aware of their maintenance history prior to 2013.That said,I have looked after them to the best of my ability(and my mechanics!) and papers are held showing 90% of work done and receipts not held can be discussed and work viewed
The boat is currently coded for 12+2 to operate 20 miles from a safehaven but with no nightime operations.

All safety gear has been removed from the vessel onto my new venture and all fishing tackle will/has been removed and is not part of the sale.
The liferaft and grab bag are on hire and will not be sold with the boat.

Any questions/request for viewings,please ring or email

The Lorenz plotter in the pictures will not be part of the sale as it is loaded with all my fishing marks.The Raymarine pro7 is loaded with Navionics Europe and Ireland(platinum)(enhanced cartography but not 3-D)
The boat is currently afloat in Portpatrick Harbour and is available for viewing and seatrials as required.
Its been a good boat with plenty of working deck area....some 280sq ft and it handles the weather well.It was just time for a change to something that's faster thus allowing me to take anglers further afield to Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man

The fixings that can be seen on the stern are all stainless steel bolts and screws and were the fittings for the now absent trim tabs

**someone called and asked about the water discharge from the exhausts ....the engines run off standard 3" jabsco impellors inside brass housings and the housings and internal cams and housing screws were all replaced along with the impellors in feb 2019.Also,the exhaust pipes are at least 10ft long

The boat as of 7/2/2020 has undergone its full 5 year coding inspection with SCMS that includes a full hull inspection out of the water and a new stability and heel test and is passed ready for commercial ventures.The certificate and "tax disc" are now in my possession(see photos)

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE.  If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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