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Power Catamaran
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Charter, New Build, Fishing, Diving, Survey
Ben Plummer [Trade]
  07769 652656

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Inboards, on shaft / legs / jets or outboards can be used.
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We will, as usual be exhibiting a vessel at this years Seawork 2016 Show on the 14th,15th and 16th of June. So come and take a look at our build quality if you want to own a new commercial vessel, that has PROVEN itself with over 20 latest generation vessels in service to be THE most fuel efficient new
build 11m shaft drive Charter / Fishing Catamaran on the market.

If for some reason you are unable to make the show then contact us and we will arrange for a sea trial / factory visit at your convenience so that you can experience first-hand our class leading ride quality, build quality and fuel efficiency.


If these qualities are important to you in your next vessel purchase, then you need a BWSeaCat S.P.E.E.D Power Catamaran for your marine business.

FACT Our hull, based on sound design principles and thorough real-world testing, consistently delivers a total vessel fuel burn of just over 2L/Nm @ 17Kn, saving at least 30-40% over other comparable designs.

FACT Our build quality and levels of fit and finish are widely regarded to be second to none in the industry.

FACT The S.P.E.E.D Power Catamaran design delivers class leading ride quality in rough weather.

FACT Our After Sales Care package is seen by our clients as one of the major benefits in purchasing from us

The following is a genuine client testimonial, many more of which are available to view on our website at www.bwseacat.com

Hi Ben and Ian,
Hope this finds you well, I'm a couple of weeks into the running of the all new Supanova II now and just thought I'd drop you a mail to thank you for all your hard work and providing me with a very fine vessel.

What hit the nail completely on the head were two things. Firstly the remarkable and unrivalled fuel economy which I will come to later. But secondly the vessels ability in a head sea, this situation normally will see most catamarans come unstuck but not your vessel, it will literally handle anything you throw at it.

I'm sure if you listen along any quayside around the country there will be many skippers grumbling about ever increasing fuel costs, for the three years that I ran my old vessel fuel was constantly on the brain. In the few short weeks I have been running Supanova II I can happily say that my projected fuel saving for the coming season will be in the region of 40% on last year which is nothing short of remarkable, and something all of your main competitors could have never truthfully offered me.

Truthfully every skipper will always believe that their boat is the best boat blah blah blah but the people that matter in my industry are the anglers that spend their hard earned money with me and it is their opinions that should matter the most. So far the comments have been fantastic and this cements in my head that I have made the right decision in investing in one of your vessels in these challenging economic times.

Your commitment to producing the best quality vessel you can is unrivalled, your communication throughout the build was unrivalled, your attention to detail is unrivalled, the fact you delivered my vessel and every other vessel on time is completely unheard of, after sale service nothing short of phenomenal.

Anyone in the future who purchases one of your vessels will not be disappointed. It's hard to see how your vessels will do anything other than sell themselves.

Thanks to you all for all your efforts and good luck for the future.


Lyle Stantiford

Supanova Charters,

As usual the latest build can be found by searching for us on Facebook or by visiting our website.

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