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Skipper available

ID: 103651     Posted: 19/05/2019     Gosport

Skipper available 30 yrs experience Class 1 ticket Scalloping -beaming / etc…
Looking to skipper a trawler

ID: 103649     Posted: 19/05/2019     Amble

Looking to skipper a boat on the east coast . I have crew and ready to start…
Looking work

ID: 103643     Posted: 18/05/2019     Greencastle

Looking work
Deckhand/Crewman- Any type of fishing

ID: 103405     Posted: 18/05/2019     Hull

I am a keen 20 year old who is a quick learner and has a keen eye for detail. I…

ID: 103631     Posted: 18/05/2019     Any

Experienced skipper with crew looking prawn boat to fish. References available
im looking for work in fishing boat

ID: 103627     Posted: 18/05/2019     Myre

hello, im from norway searching for job in fishing boat..i have worked in…

ID: 103613     Posted: 17/05/2019     SE Coast England

Experienced fisherman 18 yr at sea can mend etc mostly white fish trawling or…
Work wanted

ID: 103608     Posted: 17/05/2019     Boston

Is there any work about in Boston or other areas have done cockleing and…
Relief skipper/ skipper / mate.

ID: 103595     Posted: 16/05/2019     Any Port In Ireland

20+ years fishing. I've experience in single & pair trawl for white fish and…
Trainee Deckhand

ID: 103594     Posted: 16/05/2019     Peterhead

Dear skipper, Rhys Hay aged 17 from Peterhead. Looking to start my career…
learn from driftnet, setnet or gill net fisherman for project

ID: 103581     Posted: 16/05/2019     London

I am working on a project to reduce the amount of bycatch from Gill Netting…
Deck hand work or trainee engineer

ID: 103561     Posted: 15/05/2019     Donegal

Can service engines Can work with hydraulics Can work with somewhat…

ID: 103528     Posted: 14/05/2019     Riga

Class1& all safety, exp.on prawns&fish, crabbers, scallops.EU.
Skipper/relief skipper

ID: 103509     Posted: 14/05/2019     Ireland

Have experience at prawn freezing twin & quod rig

ID: 103508     Posted: 14/05/2019     Kilkeel

I am fishing almost three years with prawns i have good experience and can go…
4 Eu cintez crew luking boat

ID: 103479     Posted: 13/05/2019     Newry

Have over all 4 years experience tvin ring prawns experience work for which D&D…
2nd OFF, 3rd OFF, deckhand

ID: 103487     Posted: 13/05/2019     Odessa

Prawn trawler or creels

ID: 103464     Posted: 12/05/2019     Anywhere

Experienced deckhand in prawn trawling and creels

ID: 103461     Posted: 12/05/2019     Hull

looking for a boat willing to give me a chance I’m avaliable now, I’m Eager…
Looking for any work anywere

ID: 103450     Posted: 12/05/2019     Hull

Been on 100 mtr twin rigger fishing Norwegian coast bear island atlantic ocean…
Looking work

ID: 103429     Posted: 11/05/2019     Greencastle

Looking for fishing job greencastle malinhead killybegs Anything considered…
Creeling, potting

ID: 103414     Posted: 10/05/2019     Dublin , UK

Worked on North Sea on Ben loyal , bosloe in Plymouth , castlebay , use to do…
Workboat crew/skipper

ID: 103409     Posted: 10/05/2019     Carrickfergus

RYA yachtmasters commercial with STCW endorsment, 16.5 ticket , boatmasters…

ID: 103407     Posted: 10/05/2019     Hull

Hi I’m Michael I am 28 year old and I’m from the east coast coast of…
retired technical electrician

ID: 103403     Posted: 10/05/2019     İzmir

I am retired in electrical electromechanical subjects. electric control boards…
Work at fishing vessel

ID: 103398     Posted: 09/05/2019     Newlyn

I'm looking to work at fishing vessel 25 years old guy I have done all fishing…
Crab whelk skipper looking for work.

ID: 103391     Posted: 09/05/2019     Milford Haven

Crab whelk skipper looking for work willing to travel for right boat and crew.…
Deckhand from india

ID: 103386     Posted: 09/05/2019     Chennai

Hi I'm gowthamxavier from India looking for job and I have experience in whelks…

ID: 103383     Posted: 09/05/2019     Anywhere

Keen genuine lad, drink and drug free holding class 2 (was considering class…
Skipper guard work experienced

ID: 103368     Posted: 08/05/2019     Hull

All fishing worked North Sea guard duty skipper have class 2!skippers very all…

ID: 103327     Posted: 07/05/2019     Karachi

Skipper seeing job 24 years fishing experience silver country
Experience deck hand

ID: 103321     Posted: 07/05/2019     Boston

Hard work 33 year old deck hand looking for work on east coast preferably I…
Looking for a fishing boat

ID: 103305     Posted: 06/05/2019     San Sebastián

Experience Second Mechanic 1200kw;fishing net;trammel;tuna in Spain and France…

ID: 103301     Posted: 06/05/2019     UK

22 years experience pottin crab whelks lobster willin travel 4 right berth…
Relief skipper delivery work or lease boat

ID: 103290     Posted: 06/05/2019     Hull

Many years experience as skipper trawling fish scallops prawns as well as…

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