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Twin and Single rig skipper + crew VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106249     Posted: 17/09/2019     Scotland SE

Plenty experience at twin rig trawling for prawns. Very confident in the…
Crewmen/deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106245     Posted: 17/09/2019     Hull

Hi I’m mike 29 year old drink and drug free I have experience in pot/creel…

ID: 106237     Posted: 17/09/2019     Greenock

Experienced crab, lobster and prawn creels can mend splice take watch etc did…
Deckhand/Workboat Skipper VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106228     Posted: 16/09/2019     North East Scotland

I'm 38 & worked mostly at sea since leaving school. Trawler's, Scalloper's &…

ID: 106229     Posted: 16/09/2019     Jersey

WILLING TO TRAVEL 28yr old, Crewed on and off for the past 12yrs, longest being…
Decky available VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106214     Posted: 16/09/2019     Hull Willing To Travel

26 year old lad after chance got all 4 seafish basic tickets ENG 1 medical and…
2 crewmen Looking fishing boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106194     Posted: 15/09/2019     Wiklow

4 and half years fishing Fresh and freezing All my certificates Friend…
Mate/ deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106192     Posted: 15/09/2019     UK

Been at the fishing ten years most of that at the clams but have also done…

ID: 106189     Posted: 15/09/2019     Dungarvan

25 years fishing experience. 7-8 years sea time on other vessels. Skipper…
Skipper available VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106183     Posted: 14/09/2019     Portsmouth

Skipper looking hot work Scalloping beaming 35 yrs fishing Anything…

ID: 106175     Posted: 13/09/2019     England

Experienced fisherman looking for work. Work winch. Keep watch. Cook. Tail…
Skipper for fishing/guard work. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106173     Posted: 13/09/2019     Peterhead

Class 1 fishing,All certs required,plus STCWs and Eng1
Trainee deck hand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106171     Posted: 13/09/2019     Elgin

Hi I'm looking for a few trips I don't have experience but willing to learn I…
Class 2 engineer/deck hand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106166     Posted: 13/09/2019     Ireland /uk

Twin rig ,peligic and beam trawling 20 years on the job ,handy with electrical…

ID: 106156     Posted: 12/09/2019     Accra

Experience Deckhand worked in…
Experinced skipper VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106145     Posted: 11/09/2019     Ireland

Have vast wheelhouse knowlege of twin rig/qoud rig frezzing at sea. Have…

ID: 106129     Posted: 11/09/2019     Latvia

a sailor can start work on a ship! have work experience have certificates!
Deckhand on fishing boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106141     Posted: 11/09/2019     Grimsby

I am 35 years old and have all my certificates and eng1 I am drink and drug…
Master Limited VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106118     Posted: 10/09/2019     Brixham

Ex Master/Mate Offshore looking for vacancies for boat deliveries shore work…
Beam Trawler Skipper VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106117     Posted: 10/09/2019     Paignton

20 Years + beam trawling skipper experience ,all the STCW 2010 Safety…
Mate/deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106103     Posted: 09/09/2019     Scotland

Have all certs including 16.5. Worked at twin rig and the clams, looking…
Mate( fishing, guard job) VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106020     Posted: 09/09/2019     Riga

Class1, 45, EU.Exp.on fishing UK& Norway , all safety up to date, OOW ticket up…
Trainee Crew/Deck VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106096     Posted: 09/09/2019     Glasgow Based

In date STCW’s and ENG1 medical. No experience yet, not sure how to get…
Looking for work for January trip on trip off preferably VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106081     Posted: 09/09/2019     Any

Whitefish, prawns or crabbing all tickets up to date. Hard worker

ID: 106071     Posted: 09/09/2019     Hull

am 24 years old and living in Hull I am a hard worker and fast learner got a…
2×eexperienced crabbers VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106061     Posted: 08/09/2019     Oban

Got 3 years trawling n 4:years at potting. Done prawns for over a year but…
deck looking for a job VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106056     Posted: 07/09/2019     Cork

high experienced deck looking for a job experience in different type of…
Deckhand- prawn - crab - lobster - whelks - scallops VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106029     Posted: 07/09/2019     Hull...can Travel Aslong As Accomodation Included.

  Views: 98 I'm a 20 year old who's looking for work I've worked on a…
Deck/engineer/cook VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106031     Posted: 06/09/2019     South West

Engineer coc Very competent cook Scallops, beaming, stern trawling, long…
Deckhand position wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106015     Posted: 06/09/2019     Inverness

Experience on various crab, lobster boats, done a wee bit of trawling, never…
Deckhand / trainee VIEW ADVERT

ID: 106011     Posted: 05/09/2019     Cleethorpes

Hiya am 18 and looking to get a job on the boats as deckhand I have don a 3…
Diver Looking For Work (Scotland) VIEW ADVERT

ID: 105989     Posted: 04/09/2019     Inverness M

I’m 18 years old, have previous work experience on a Scallop diving job 2/3…
Ex Chief Officer Offshore VIEW ADVERT

ID: 105978     Posted: 04/09/2019     Torquay /south West

I hold Coc,Master Offshore/Seismic unlimited and a Master 200 GRT…
Beam Trawler Skipper VIEW ADVERT

ID: 105977     Posted: 04/09/2019     Torbay

Coc Class 1 & 2 UK,all relevant STCW 2010 safety certificates including radio…

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