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Experienced skipper/deckhand

ID: 102220     Posted: 19/03/2019     UK

Urgently seeking work Experienced under ticket skipper /deckhand looking for…
Start my career on any trawler boat

ID: 102219     Posted: 19/03/2019     Hull

I have just passed my 3 week introduction course to commercial fishing and I am…

ID: 102217     Posted: 19/03/2019     Milford Haven

I done few years on trawlers and crab and whelks looking for work Pembrokeshire…
Looking For Work

ID: 102166     Posted: 19/03/2019     Blyth

Have my certs through seafish. Willing to give any sort of work ago. I'm a…
Trawering, potting, gillnets

ID: 102216     Posted: 19/03/2019     Wicklow

I've been potting whecks and crab gillnetting for over 10 years been going at…
Experienced deckhand/crew

ID: 102200     Posted: 18/03/2019     Hull

I am a experienced deckhand/crew. I have worked on a welking boat out of…
Fisherman looking for job in Ireland

ID: 102196     Posted: 18/03/2019     Union Hall

10 years experience in fishing boats white fish ,and freezer boat for prawn can…

ID: 102195     Posted: 18/03/2019     UK

20 yrs experience mend splice watchkeeper done mostly fish and prawns willing…
Deck hand

ID: 102189     Posted: 18/03/2019     Fort William

Been fishing in past mainly creels done some dredging as deckhand .
Crewman looking for work on Crabber/Whelker. Any type of fishing considered.

ID: 102186     Posted: 18/03/2019     West Wales

I have over 15 years experience on Crabbers, Whelkers and potting for prawns. I…
Skipper for under ticket boat - - - - - ten meter boat

ID: 102183     Posted: 18/03/2019     UK

Skipper for Single are twin Rig - - - looking for a genuine boat owner who…
Skipper uk wide

ID: 102180     Posted: 17/03/2019     Scotland

I have been skippering 10 years beaming and outriggibg at scallops and fish I…
North Sea fisherman

ID: 102170     Posted: 16/03/2019     Grimsby

Fully qualified fisherman with all tickets up to date. have experience crabbing…

ID: 102149     Posted: 15/03/2019     Hull

I am new to the industry and and eager to learn I have got all four mandatory…
Trainee Deckhand / Deckhand

ID: 102147     Posted: 15/03/2019     Hull

Hello there first off all I would like to thankyou for looking into my add I'm…
Trainie deckhand

ID: 102145     Posted: 15/03/2019     Anywhere

I have just finished a 3 week introduction to commercial fishing course which…

ID: 102140     Posted: 15/03/2019     NE

I am looking to get back to sea my experience has been on trawlers but would be…
Deck Hand

ID: 102133     Posted: 14/03/2019     Hull

Hi I’m Scott I am 29, I'm have just finished my commercial fishing course I…

ID: 102126     Posted: 14/03/2019     Grimsby

For the last 3 months i have been working on a boat one being a little 9 metre…
Class one skipper

ID: 102124     Posted: 14/03/2019     Ireland/uk/scotland

Skippers full quad rigging twin rigging..
Am good Fisher man hava a good experience for picking prawns and fix net and spl

ID: 102123     Posted: 14/03/2019     Dorghdea


ID: 102121     Posted: 14/03/2019     Dublin /willing To Travel

I'm 20 looking for a berth. have over a years experience working the deck of a…

ID: 102119     Posted: 14/03/2019     Kingston Upon Hull

my name is Joshua I'm 21 years old and I'm currently doing my commercial…
Looking for chance

ID: 102120     Posted: 14/03/2019     Hull

Got my 4 mandatory tickets today, plus certificates for net mending…
skipper class2

ID: 102110     Posted: 14/03/2019     Fraserburgh

skipper with class2 ticket gmdss ,eng1 and all certificates up to date.Also a I…
Potting or trawling/dredging

ID: 102109     Posted: 13/03/2019     Bristol

I have 16 years experience in the fishing industry and the shellfish and fish…
Looking for job

ID: 102105     Posted: 13/03/2019     Ireland

Crew man available have experience Looking work on a trawler whitefish prawns…

ID: 102096     Posted: 13/03/2019     Fraserburgh / Peterhead

23 years experience in twin rig nd pair trawling can mend splice take watch nd…
any kind of deck hand work

ID: 102090     Posted: 13/03/2019     Hull But I Can Travel

Skipper, mate available

ID: 102089     Posted: 13/03/2019     Brixham,spain

Class 2-fv coc,gmdss goc,all stcws and eng 1 valid,master 200t.
DECKHAND avaliable straight away

ID: 102084     Posted: 13/03/2019     Hull

My name is craig, I’m looking for a boat willing to give me a chance as soon…
Experienced deckhand looking for work in Ireland

ID: 102064     Posted: 12/03/2019     Ireland

Hello! Im looking for a job on a trawler. I am 24 years old, good english…
Deckhand/motormen in Holland or Denmark

ID: 102057     Posted: 12/03/2019     Liepaja

I'm looking for job on fishing vessel/boat! I'm 30 years old, I have, 7 years…
Looking for prawn creel boat

ID: 102055     Posted: 12/03/2019     West Coast

35 year old looking for creel boat to lease to fish prawn and dome crab all…
Delivery work or seasonal skipper

ID: 102019     Posted: 12/03/2019     Hull

Class two skipper all safety certs in date superior to yacht master offshore…
Experienced whelk skipper

ID: 102052     Posted: 12/03/2019     UK

Experienced whelk skipper looking for work any uk port

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