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ID: 108723     Posted: 27/01/2020     Plymouth

hello, i searching for daily fishing both, i have 5 years exp on fishing crab…
Skipper Prawn Trawling VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108699     Posted: 26/01/2020     East Scotland

Looking for a boat to skipper / put share into / buy over time. Done Single rig…

ID: 108698     Posted: 26/01/2020     Fraserburgh

Available for lumping evenings and weekends work full time onshore monday to…

ID: 108696     Posted: 25/01/2020     Norwich

I have the all necessary tickets to fish as I used to work offshore on…
Experienced skipper VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108664     Posted: 24/01/2020     Isle Of Man

Up to 16.5 metre vessel required .netting/trawling /prawn/crab/lobster. 25…

ID: 108657     Posted: 23/01/2020     Hull

I have completed my training training with the East Coast Maritime Training…
Looking for an entry to the trade VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108648     Posted: 23/01/2020     Waterford

No previous experiences or qualifications Am hard working young fit man Can…
Trainee deckhand looking for entry into the industry VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108647     Posted: 23/01/2020     Dorchester

Looking to find a entry into the industry, no experience previously but have…
Motorman Experience Available as fishermen VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108638     Posted: 22/01/2020     Kumasi

I sailor at Ghana tuna vessel as mechanics with working experience for three…

ID: 108636     Posted: 22/01/2020     Hull

Hi im looking for work as a deck hand looking for a good birth i have…
Deckhand / trainee VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108627     Posted: 22/01/2020     Cleethorpes

Hi am Callum am 18 and looking to get back to work on a boat as a…
Crewman looking for work VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108616     Posted: 22/01/2020     Western Isles

Young fit guy looking for work on west coast .experienced in all types of…
Chance shot or birth VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108598     Posted: 21/01/2020     Fraserburgh

Recently completed the trainee deckhand course and obtained all certificates.…
Class 2 fishing VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108591     Posted: 21/01/2020     North East

Looking for work 2 years experience skippering 23mtr twin rig prawn trawler…
Experienced deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108589     Posted: 20/01/2020     England

Can keep watch, work winch, cook, tail prawns fast, can sort, chill etc, bags…
4 years trawlling 3 years crabbing looking for full time berth VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108579     Posted: 20/01/2020     Inverness

Been fishing since I left school ive tried new ventures etc Got 2 to 3 years…

ID: 108572     Posted: 20/01/2020     New Quay/swansea

As a Skipper. Coastal Skipper commercially endorsed(Motor). 24 years…
Experienced deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108551     Posted: 19/01/2020     Hull

I have experience, I can keep watch, work winch, cook , worked all over uk so…
Work wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108547     Posted: 19/01/2020     Boston

I am looking for work I have got experience cockleing and some mussel dredging…
Skipper/mate VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108539     Posted: 18/01/2020     Aberdeenshire

Looking for vessel to skipper. Have 23 year exp 10 as skipper. Mostly prawns…
deckhand looking for work VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108528     Posted: 18/01/2020     Fleetwood

worked before on small creel boat, tubing prawns in Scotland, 800 pots a day.…
Able Seaman with 3 years Navy service looking for work as a Deck Hand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108523     Posted: 18/01/2020     Newcastle

I am actively searching for work after leaving the Royal Navy in September…
Experienced deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108515     Posted: 17/01/2020     Hull

Looking for a berth, experienced, can keep watch, cool, work winch etc, worked…
Experienced Deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108503     Posted: 17/01/2020     UK Or Ireland

Hi there, My name's James I am 29. I have years of experience aboard twin…
Limited ticket Skipper/mate VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108497     Posted: 17/01/2020     Northern Ireland

Have just finished second hand limited ticket looking a starting out boat/mate…

ID: 108495     Posted: 16/01/2020     Irish Sea

Skipper looking under ticket sized prawn boat to fish in Irish sea. Plenty of…
Delivery skipper VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108491     Posted: 16/01/2020     Ireland

Ex fishing skipper, 37 years at sea.
Lease/Skipper VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108476     Posted: 16/01/2020     Clyde

Looking for an opportunity to preferably lease an Under 10 -12 Meter trawler.…
Deckhand sw Scotland VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108461     Posted: 15/01/2020     South West Scotland

Worked mostly on twin rig prawns can tail Work winch, take watch steam/tow.…
Trainee deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108457     Posted: 15/01/2020     Rosehearty

Keen young lad, D&D free, just out of trainee deckhand course at the Scottish…
Class 2 mate VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108425     Posted: 14/01/2020     Fraserburgh

Available from 23/01/20. Looking for short term work, a trip or two, Class 2…
Skipper or mate VIEW ADVERT

ID: 108409     Posted: 13/01/2020     Fraserbrugh

Iv been at the scallops 6-7yrs now before that iv been a fisherman 20yrs doing…

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