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Training with Seafish in the UK .
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Night watch VIEW ADVERT

ID: 126991     Posted: 05/10/2022     Holland

Looking for a nightwatchman to work on fishing boat applicant's must have…
Experience crew man required VIEW ADVERT

ID: 126977     Posted: 04/10/2022     Ireland

Must be Eu citizen and have all safety courses and experience

ID: 126971     Posted: 04/10/2022     West Coast


ID: 126941     Posted: 02/10/2022     Brixham

2 manTrawler working from Brixham looking for a mate. You will need experience…

ID: 126910     Posted: 01/10/2022     Newlyn

Looking for experienced crab skipper full time or releif skipper boats are…
Skipper with Class 2 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 126876     Posted: 29/09/2022     Peterhead

Experience at twin rig for prawns,working N.Sea/shields.Good package for right…
Work vessel Deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 126854     Posted: 28/09/2022     Stornoway

Team player required for west coast based workboat. Previous experience…

ID: 126843     Posted: 28/09/2022     South Ireland

Skipper Required for prawn freezer working on the south and west coast of…
Skipper required for a 15Mt twin rig prawn/white fish vessel VIEW ADVERT

ID: 126712     Posted: 27/09/2022     Fraserburgh

We are looking for a skipper fully qualified to take a boat of this size. Must…

ID: 126814     Posted: 27/09/2022     Scotland

Skipper for six aside scalloper. Starting 6th October. Happy for boat to…
Experienced Fisherman VIEW ADVERT

ID: 126796     Posted: 26/09/2022     Dunmore East

Must have experience in trawling, Duties will include but not limited to…
Crewman required for 10m creel vessel VIEW ADVERT

ID: 126761     Posted: 24/09/2022     Lossiemouth

Deckhand required for 10meter crabbing boat fishing daily from Lossiemouth…

This is the list of skippers and companies looking to hire crew or workers for their fishing boats across the UK, Ireland and Europe . Advertise here if you want to employ crew or staff. This is a totally free service for skippers and crew. As well as fishing jobs you can advertise any related maritime jobs including merchant seaman jobs, fisherman jobs, fish processing jobs, fish farming jobs, fish factory jobs, deck hand jobs, able seamen and skippers.

You are reminded that FAFB is not responsible for checking potential employers or vessels. Don't apply for these jobs if you dont have the required safety certificates. Mandatory safety courses are available for anyone wanting to get into the fishing industry.

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DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE.  If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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