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Training with Seafish in the UK .
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Mate class 2 or 3 VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112303     Posted: 11/08/2020     South West

Looking for a Relief Mate for a trip or permanent For a beam trawler in the…
Crabbing crew VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112297     Posted: 10/08/2020     Milford

crew for 15m crabber
DIVER for razors and scallops VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112284     Posted: 10/08/2020     Crinan

padi dive master or hse part 4 minimum. Diver medical Extra tickets; Sea…

ID: 112271     Posted: 09/08/2020     UK (north East Scotland Just Now)

Scallop deckhand required for 8 a side outrigger boat. Must have all safety…
Good man wanted VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112269     Posted: 09/08/2020     Cork

Experienced crew man wanted trawler working Ireland south coast EU citizens only
Experience deck hand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112249     Posted: 07/08/2020     Co. Cork

looking for experienced deck hand for twin rig white fish Must be eu citizen…
experienced deckhand VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112240     Posted: 07/08/2020     West Coast Ireland

experienced deckhand required for 20 meter twin rig west coast ireland eu…
deck crew VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112235     Posted: 06/08/2020     Northern Ireland

looking 2 crew men on prawner trawler tail prawns wash keep boat clean no drink…

ID: 112155     Posted: 04/08/2020     Galway

Whitefish and prawns West coast
crew needed for ring netting. VIEW ADVERT

ID: 111687     Posted: 04/08/2020     Plymouth

Crew Needed for a 15m ring netter working out of Plymouth and sometimes Newlyn…
Shellfish diver VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112152     Posted: 03/08/2020     Oban

Diver required to work on razor boat based in Oban. Must have Hse scuba or…
U10M Gill Netting Crew VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112151     Posted: 03/08/2020     Plymouth

Must have previous experience and be based SW

ID: 112149     Posted: 03/08/2020     Oban

crewman for 12mt twin rig prawns north west scotland must have experience…
deckhand for creel boat VIEW ADVERT

ID: 112080     Posted: 29/07/2020     Orkney

reliable deckhand wanted for 30 ft catamaran job is in Orkney will need…

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