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Sodena Turbowin trac

For Sale:

Echo from Notus doubles your prawn catch rate. Red track sections are prawny

£12,400 +VAT per unit

Seafield Navigation Ltd [Trade]
01346 511411

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Prawns are only caught for about 1/4 of a tow normally. Notus Echo sensor and small pickup are located in the trawl tunnel. Echo detects prawns as they pass the pickup, feeding the prawn density data back to the boat in real time.
The Notus system graphs the prawn density so you can target the time you caught them.
Sodena plotters can decode the Echo data in real time, changing the track colour to show you exactly where the prawns are being caught.
Catch rate can more than double giving shorter tows, better quality product, less seabed contact. Fuel savings of over 20% are acheived over a trip.
The Echo sensor and pickup are suitable for passing through power blocks and onto net drums. Pickup size can be modified if needed.
Items offered: Echo Sensor mounted onto a acoustic pickup, 24V deck charger, egg floats for neutral bouyancy.

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