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Sanitation Hose

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Every type of Hose for your boat

We offer all the hose you need for your boat including fuel, gas, exhaust, sanitation, ducting, general purpose and much more. We also offer a wide range of Jubilee hose clips and clamps to suit all of our hoses and hose clip drivers and clamp aids so you have all you need to complete your installation.

We also offer an extra discount when you purchase a full, uncut coil of hose. Most hose coils are available in full coil lengths, which vary in size depending on the type of hose. Coil sizes will be indicated by a suffix, for example -20 (for a 20 metre coil) or -50 (for a 50 metre coil). For more information on savings for full coil purchases please contact us.

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ASAP Supplies [Trade]
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