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Experienced Ghanaian Fisherman Deckhands & General Crew For Supply

Ghana (accra, Tema…

T.K.S Kojo [Trade]
0505435076, 07828128680

Calling from a different country? Use the country code (+233) and drop the “0” at the beginning of the number (if there is one).


We have the best of Ghanaian experienced and competent Fisherman Deckhands & General Ship crew for supply to International Companies especially the UK, N.Ireland, China,Norway and the Netherlands.
Many are the incompetence and Inexperience on the side of many Crewing Agencies and their crewmen In Ghana which we have come to rectify so as to clear the misconceptions embedded in the minds of most vessel owners in the UK and elsewhere. PRO-SEN GLOBAL LIMITED delivers full and single crew members as per principal’s requirements. We are always looking for new principals (ship owners, ship managers, Fishing Companies, Factories ship operators, or crewing agencies) to establish long term business relationships. We do supply fishing companies whose vessels go in and out of the 12 Miles nautical radius or International and those companies who's vessels works within the 12 miles but will like to get the crewmen a working permit or visa, we also pay for the ticket of the crew to get on board before the recipient reimburse to us. Our Fishermen are very young and experienced at how to splice wire, work winch, mend and repair nets, blast ropes, cook, tail prawns and take watch as well. They also have experience in all types of fishing especially: Prawns, Crab, whelks, tuna and scallops etc. Our Men can work on any type of vessel and they can easily adapt to any weather condition.

For a speedy and efficiency please call, our team insures a continuous information flow with all concerned parties (ship owner, vessel, client etc.). We are very flexible in communicating and discussing terms and conditions of our cooperation.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us any time for your query

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE.  If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.