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Sovereign Net Hauler maxi + 400mm

Shoreham By Sea
£2,800 +VAT

Paul Foulis [Trade]

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This is another unit offered by us it has been in production for 8 months now and has many units out there. This unit has a 400mm front roller 6 inch with shields as standard on our units. The motors are upgraded for double to torque and slower speeds to increase grip on rubber parts when powered by main engine. Roller bearings in S/S with extra seals to prolong life and keep any sand or grit out of housing. Units still have thick S/S horns for no worries fishing on hang ups from cut throw horns in Ali. Materials are all Marine grade 5083 Marine Ali frame and 316 S/S horns. Main drum can be turned round for extra life. This unit can be powered by a power pack, just tell us then we can change motors to suit your power supply. Happy to answer any questions just give me a call.

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