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Solent Compact Net Stacker

Chichester, West…

Lucy Middleton [Trade]
01243 512113

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Introducing Solent's New SCS01 Designed and built on requests from you the fisherman!
Weighing in at only 29kg this light compact unit now allows small boats previously hand fleeting to stack net quicker and easier than ever before.
Dimensions are 700mm wide and 800mm long the chassis is beautifully crafted in marine grade aluminium fully folded and returned with welded closed corners to eliminate edges which can catch the meshs or your head! all tube work is 316 polished to normal Solent standards again to prevent burrs or hangers.
Features our enclosed drum for use with even the smallest of corks and replaceable wear pads.
These units can be gantry mounted as shown, Davit Mounted or using our new telescopic leg kit stood on deck hooked to the side of a bin to fleet direct then folded away with quick release fittings which can be stowed away when not in use! Ideal on Small boats. complete with control valve.
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