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Adjustable twin stage conical powered presswheel

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For Sale:

Solent SSH04Plus Net Hauler

£5,595 +VAT

Lucy Middleton [Trade]
01243 512113

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So here it is! The new Solent SSH04Plus! Unlike our nordic style haulers this has been developed by you the fisherman. We listen to what you need and your current struggles and aim to give you what you want.
You wanted the 90 degree angle, we gave you it..
You wanted the large 400mm wide entrance, we gave you it...
You wanted the powered pinch cone, we gave you it!
You wanted a new design of deflector that supports the use of deep water plastic floats, we gave you it!
This new hauler for us is built entirely in marine grade 6mm aluminium beautifully tig welded by our skilled engineers. with 4 powered rollers running 32mm shaft Quality Motors all supported on large roller bearings in grease traps. All rollers are able to be swapped end to end to spread wear and are grooved in a hard wearing 10mm rubber. Motors are configured to produce 750kg of pull and are accurately controlled by our Heavy Duty Marinised SBM45 rotary action variable speed valve. Supported on a 4inch heavy gauge aluminium post the hauler comes complete with gunwale clamp and swivel deck foot and feature 2 position lockable tilt for fishing or coming alongside. If required we will give the option of running sheaves beside the top drum for the use of hauling lines. As per our current range the hauler will also offer a blue moulded cover to surround the motors and pipes preventing Snags or hang ups. Horns are 2" Diameter Aluminium as preferred standard or can be 2" Stainless steel optionally.
All this modern technology and build quality at the cost of £5495.

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