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Boat For Sale in Recreational Fishing Boats

ID: 127844
Last Modified: 12-04-2023
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Name: Fatcat
Price: POA +VAT
Make/Model: FATCAT 4500
Location: South Wales UK, New Zealand

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Fatcat UK & IRL By Zego Marine (UK) Ltd +44 (0) 7976 700044

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Build Year: 2023

Used For: fisherman , potters , oyster famers, work, recreational, tiler or steering POA.

Hull: Plastic

Length: 4.60m

Beam: 2.00m

Draft: 0.40m






Additional Information:

All new FATCAT 4500 by Zego Marine (UK) Ltd ,Coming soon to our UK Waters from NZ. THIS ALL NEW FATCAT 4500 is Probably the Most Spacious 4.5m Boat on the Market with big self-draining deck space.
With the success of the smaller FatCat 4000 range the boys in NZ have gone a step further with the biggest Fatcat project to date, the Fatcat 4500. The FatCat 4500 has been conceived as the most spacious, stable, and safe small cat on the market. Offering almost 8sqm of cockpit floor space which is probably the biggest sub 4.5m boat deck on the market. It lends itself to a wide range of console/cabin configurations, Centre console, Side console and Forward Cuddy Cabin TBC,or you can just have it as an open boat with tiller giving you a big open deck space to fish ,work or play. The versatility on offer from such a spacious, stable platform is enormous for a sub 5m hull.
Much emphasis has been placed on developing a hull shape that performs well across all conditions and loading configurations. The hull is like the proven FatCat 4000 shape but with small tweaks here and there to adjust for the hydrodynamics of this larger vessel. The semi asymmetric shape is maintained as is the central “pod” to clean up water flow and further enhance load carrying capacity as the side decks and sizable boarding platforms. The flat, uncluttered cockpit floor is above the water so is self-draining in all conditions. No bilge pump or forward motion is necessary to drain the cockpit.
The base boat runs a centrally mounted outboard engine with power up to 70hp range full spec to follow.
FATCAT 450 Stability, sea handling and unique design is the major attribute and selling point of this versatile Ali Multihull. Whether you are looking for a Work boat, dive boat, fishing boat, safety-rescue boat, or commercial big cat Pro tender...
Since the release of the production Fatcat 4500 the team at Fatcat NZ have been fielding many enquiries about this larger boat and already the 4500 is out selling the 4000 5 to 1……for full Price list on this new 4500 and 4000 and hull setups options POA. All to order eta March 23


If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.

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