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Ford Sabre 255c Engine



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Ford Sabre 255c

Ford Sabre 255c

This engine has recently being removed from a boat that has being newly purchased. We are to believe that the boat and engine have being lying up for some time.

The engine is complete with all hoses and pipes. Engine is turning over on starter but we have not tried to start it.

On removal of the end caps to the intercooler, it appears to be in good shape. The Header tank heat exchanger appears to be in good shape but will need a new core.

The engine also comes with the original dash and loom. the loom has being cut but could easily be joined in a terminal box.

This engine will require an overhaul / rebuild before use, but it is all there.

There are also a box of silicone hose spares which will be going with the engine.

The hour clock is stating 6k hours.

Ideally i am looking to sell the whole lot, strapped to a pallet and dispatched.

Engine is located in Ireland, but can be shipped to the UK for approx E160 per pallet. I can arrange this.

Originally our intention was to rebuild the engine, but due to time constraints we have decided to purchase a new engine.

This engine would suit someone who is already running a Ford Sabre 255c and is looking for a complete engine for spares.

Drop me a message if you have any queries or if you need any further information.

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