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Biocide - Kills Diesel Bug

£55 +VAT per unit

Mandy Stone [Trade]

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MarShip's DieselAid® B is a broad spectrum biocide.

A quick and effective biocide product to kill diesel bug - dead. This product has engine manufacturer approval.

Customer testimonial: "I have been using MarShip DieselAid products during the last fishing season. We had the diesel bug, it has been killed and has not returned. The engines are running smoother. We installed the dosage pump which makes the DieselAid cost efficient. I will not go to sea with out having the MarShip DieselAid on board." - Chief Engineer Antartic

Simply pour into your tank(s) and leave for 72 hours to work fully.

Available in 1, 5 and 25 litre containers.
Dose rate: 1 litre treats 1000 litres

Prices start from £55 + VAT

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