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For Sale:

SOLENT SCS02 Net Stacker

Chichester, West…
£2,795 +VAT

Lucy Middleton [Trade]
01243 512113

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Introducing the all new Net Stacker from Solent Engineering.
Designed and built based on our popular mini compact stacker this unit is designed to cater for bigger boats wanting the high end speed and performance but in a lightweight sleek unit.
Dimensions are 900mm Wide 1000mm Long and 575mm tall. corners are all round and have welded infills so no nasty sharp edges to crack your head open on. beautifully TIG welded and all 316 stainless is polished to remove any hangers and leave a clean fresh appearance that's easy to clean.
This Stacker includes mounts as standard to mount curtain rail for feeding into bins in windy conditions.
Weighing in at only 43kg the unit comes complete ready to run piped up with rotary control valve to the front of the unit. optionally you can have open Stainless tubular drum for great debris removal or our popular aluminium enclosed drum with replaceable wear pads. Contact Lucy in Sales for more details.

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