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6LW Running

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For Sale:

Gardner 6 LW c/w Kelvin RG12 Gearbox.

For sale.
Gardner 6LW Marine engine, c/w Kelvin gearbox.
The engine has been extensively refurbished and painted as can be seen in the pictures.
The water header tank has been fitted in a temporary position to allow test running of the engine, and the keel cooler pipes linked using 1in plastic pipe coiled in a tub of water.
The spider plate that connects the engine to the gearbox has had a complete set of pins manufactured, with the complete unit line bored to remove the oval wear on the plate, previously the unit would “chatter” when idling.
.The fuel pumps were serviced by "Patterson Diesel Ltd" (£560.76) on 3/7/2018.
The alternators have been refurbished professionally by “Scots of Haddington”, there is a 24Volt alternator that is not fitted but part of the sale. The panel on top of the gearbox is a temporary switch panel with the rev/counter, ignition switch, ignition light, and oil pressure light. All the wiring has been temporary fitted to facilitate running the engine on its frame.
When running the engine oil pressure is 55Psi at both gauges, the oil filters are all new, fuel filters are new, with some new spares to go with the sale.
The Kelvin Gearbox is a RG12 2:1 Reduction. C/W shaft coupling. I have replaced the hydraulic oil filter and have spares. When running the oil pressure gauge shows 60psi.

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