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Hydraulic line hauler Northlift LH500

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LH500 is a compact hydraulic hauler from NorthLift ® is designed for heavier leisure fishing, commercial fishing and mariculture. Made of marine grade materials, equipped with a heavy duty pulley,
a brass ejector knife and an automatic press-arm. The latter eliminates the necessity of applying light pull on the rope.

Weighs only 26 kg/57 lbs. Available on a 200 cm davit arm or with a 70 cm rail-mounted arm.

- Hauling power 230 kg/500 lbs
- Hauling speed 45 meters/150 ft/min
-12 L/min oil flow
-140 bar oil pressure
-4,2 hp
-28 cm diameter sheaves
-4-12 mm line

Wear plates available for this model. The wear plates are to be mounted to the inside of the line hauler sheaves. They take the worst of the wear, making the sheaves last longer.

-Price with rail mounted: £1360 +VAT
-Price with davit arm: £1540 + VAT
-Price without arm: £1100 + VAT

Free freight when ordering a Northlift Line hauler.

Please visit our website to find your local UK retailer.


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