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Bolted and Cold Bonded Draw Works Bands for Oil Rig


Marine Winch Band Relining Service


James Yule

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Jim Jack Services Ltd reline any size and make of winch band. We will strip off your old linings, remove all corrosion from your metalwork, Prime your bands for reline and then fix our Asbestos Free Heavy Duty Woven Brake Lining to your bands using one of our 3 Relining methods.
We can also supply Asbestos Free Woven Brake Lining Material, Copper Rivets, Brass Slotted Screws & Nuts
We offer a Total Brake and Clutch relining service, and can reline any type of Brake or Clutch for any application
You can see great examples of the variety of our work on our Jim Jack Services Facebook page and our website

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