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Plastic Parlour Pot Order Ready to Go

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Mike Cornish pots


Mike Cornish [Trade]
01803 664196

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We make Crab Pots, Inkwells, Creel's, Lobster pots, traps and more in our Paignton factory. We offer customer specified builds or standard builds from our unique ultra tough non corroding world renowned plastic frame design, we can also supply you with all the components needed to build your own pots and traps. Plastic Durable and Very Hardwearing frames. Long Lasting with little or No maintenance.
Mike Cornish has been involved with the Commercial Fishing Industry for nearly 60 years that's why we are to-days leaders in commercial fishing equipment and supplies. If you want to see more please click on the link below or if you wish to ask us a question or get a quote please ring 01803 664196 or email us on

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