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For Sale:

Mussel / Oyster growing rafts. Baskets / scallops farming

Isle Of Barra
£1,000 +VAT

Donald W MacLeod

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We have 6 x 12meter sq. rafts coming up for sale.

The rafts were renovated and had new beams prior to us using them, they are still in good condition, all galvanised and strongly built.
Excellent opportunity for someone to get 6 ready to use , could be towed as one group once clear.

We have various baskets which all come with rigged rope and hanging loops to enable 2 depth settings to toggles

The plastic trays are nesting and we used them in stacks of 10. They could handle seed above 12 mm

There are small dock side upwelling units

There’s a big upwelling unit

Also wire mesh baskets for oysters or scallops
These will also come in stacks ready to go.
These have excellent flow

We have lots and various options, if anything needs more details please get in touch

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