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For Sale:

Mustang Net Bins

South Devon
£90 +VAT per unit

Mustang Engineering [Trade]
(0)1626 835467

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Our net bin has been developed for the smaller boat in mind. Modelled on the popular water tank used by many fishermen it has the benefit of this space saving size but with the strength of a heavy duty, industrial product. The bins are all moulded by us with our own plastic moulding plant with top quality virgin polymers. Size in 45" x 25" x 25" less the lip. We can also print on boat names during the moulding process if necessary(surcharge applicable). The bins are available with a double lip for extra strength or a rolled lip which can then be fitted with lids which are then stackable.

£94 each without lids

2-4 Bins £90 each without lids

5-9 Bins £87 each without lids .

pallet discount (10-14 bins to a pallet) £84 each without lids

Lids are £16.00 each when bought with a bin

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