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Mustangs new 'WhelkKing' Whelk pot

Bovey Tracey
Mustang is very proud to introduce you to the 'WhelkKing'.

Best whelk pot available on the market to date!

The most stable, space saving whelk pot on the market.

Available in a range of colours.

At 15.5 inches square it has the biggest footprint from a UK purpose moulded pot which makes it better for holding the ground and greater stability when stacked on board.

The pot comes in 2 heights as with our Mk2 Whelk pots, the lower pot at 12" high still retains the same 30litre capacity as our full size Mk2 pot, Portzic and Fish-Tec but being lower and having a larger surface area for the whelks to climb up allows it to fish quicker than other pots and will hold the ground better in strong tides.

The 14.5" high WhelkKing takes up the same space as our full size Mk2, Fish-Tec and the Portzic pot but has an increased capacity of 37 litres which makes it the highest capacity moulded pot on the UK market.

- The wide top net allows for easy emptying without the chance of choking up at the neck.
- 10 or 12kg steel weights- we can also offer them galvanised for extended life.
- As for strength? . . .well, It's a Mustang Pot so high quality comes as standard.
- As with all our whelk pots, Net bins and Bongos, its moulded onsite at Mustang using the highest quality virgin polymers.

NEW for 2017 'WhelkKing' Toggle/Twine gripper (250 per box) prices start from £65.00 each
30l 'WhelkKing' complete with bridle (63 per pallet) prices start from £38.00 each
37l 'WhelkKing' complete with bridle (54 per pallet) prices start from £41.00 each
Bare drums from £15.00 each

All prices +VAT where applicable

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE.  If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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