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(NEW FOOD GRADE) Mustang 'CrabBin' bongos

Bovey Tracey
£37.50 +VAT

Mustang Engineering [Trade]
+44 01626 835467

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Our new 'CrabBin' bongo has been specially developed as a professional storage and handling solution for the real professional shell fishermen. Designed to prolong catch life/quality and create more deck space on board with the benefits of an Industrial strength container. Space saving design (stackable when full and slide inside each other when empty), Can fit more in/on a van, truck, lorry or on a pallet to be loaded by forklift.

CATCH LIFE/QUALITY. (grants are available for improving catch quality)
Internal temperatures of our standard white 'CrabBin bongo' were measured to be over 10'c lower than a standard chemical drum bongo when left in direct sunlight. Especially ideal for those who transport their own crab in the back of a truck or van to the merchants, resulting in less casualties and less drip loss which results in a better price for your catch. Using the lids on the bins keeps the wind off the crab and prolonging the lifespan when compared with using the old bongos.
Water poured on the top lid will evenly distribute and filter down through the entire stack keeping crab/lobsters even cooler.
These can be used as store/keep pots with extra holes drilled.
Some fishermen have been filling the bins with un-nicked crab, roping the lids on and putting them into vivier tanks to save time nicking and unloading.

SAFETY (grants are available for safety improvements)
CrabBin Bongos take up less space on board when empty and full which has an advantage over the cluttering that the blue bongos can cause. These can be stacked 15 high when empty and secured out of the way giving you more space to work.

Hi-Viz also available.

All bins are all moulded by us with our own plastic moulding plant with top quality virgin polymers. outside size measured from the lid 24" x 21" and 20" high with a 60kg+ capacity we offer screen printing for boat names/numbers(surcharge applicable), And can also have a plate engraved to emboss the name or number into the bins for large quantities.(see picture of a CJP fisheries plate) The bins all come with a lid as standard, and for shipping we can fit 32 - 36 on a pallet depending on haulier.

1-3 £42.50 each
4-9 £39.50 each
10+ £37.50 each
Full pallet of 32 - 36 £35.50 each

Fully drilled with rope handles fitted +£4.00 each

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