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ID: 96199
Last Modified: 03-06-2022
For Sale: New Mercury V-6 and V-8 SeaPro Outboards
Location: Bicester

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John Collett 01869 363636

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The new Mercury SeaPro 200hp 3.4L V-6 FourStroke outboard sports the company’s largest displacement in its class. It is also the lightest engine in its class and approximately 11kg lighter than the engine that it is replacing. Like all Mercury SeaPro outboard engines, the 3.4L V-6 FourStroke is built for durability and reliability and is calibrated for commercial usage.

Building on the launch of the 200hp V-6 SeaPro, the new 225hp, 250hp and 300hp V-8 SeaPro engines deliver the durability, reliability and efficiency that the SeaPro brand is known for and complete Mercury’s full line-up of four-stroke commercial engines from 40hp – 300hp.

Designed to offer higher displacement at a lighter weight, both the SeaPro V-6 and V-8 models are the lightest in their class and their exceptionally compact, lightweight design pair with Advanced Range Optimisation (ARO) to maximise fuel economy at cruise. The ECU will adjust fuelling automatically when conditions are right which it does so seamlessly that the operator won’t feel or hear it. ARO allows for optimal fuel efficiency, giving consumers the confidence to stay out on the water longer.

True to SeaPro’s workhorse heritage, the new 225hp – 300hp V-8 SeaPro models are engineered to deliver years of trouble-free performance and are calibrated to produce plenty of torque at lower rpm levels, enabling users to work their outboards hard without placing excess stress on the engine.

Manufactured with heavy-duty components including a gearcase that is validated at three times the lifespan of a recreational gearcase, the engines can cope with the demands of global commercial operation.
Additional innovations that differentiate the new 225hp – 300hp SeaPro models:

• Compatible with hydraulic or power steering and the Mercury Big Tiller.

• Adaptive Speed Control which maintains rpm regardless of load or condition changes and provides a ‘sportier’ feel for drivers.

• Exceptionally smooth and quiet with tuned multi-chamber air intake to minimise airborne noise and fuel injector covers to reduce high-frequency noise.

• Idle charge battery management capability that protects against consumers draining batteries while operating multiple electronic devices.

• Easy and intuitive maintenance that simplifies routine maintenance and reduces downtime.

• Industry-leading warranty for commercial users including protection against corrosion.

Please contact E. P. Barrus Ltd for details of your nearest Mercury dealer or visit


If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.

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