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Olex GRIB Weather Forecast Package

Macduff, UK Delivery
£1,065 +VAT
Olex GRIB Weather Forecast: £1,065.00 or £35.00 per month

GRIB Weather Forecast for Olex allows you to download wind, current, wave & air pressure information directly to your Olex PC. You can view
the weather forecast in current time, hours into the future or even use it to check how the weather will be when the ship passes specific positions.

The offered WiFi Router can also be used in conjunction with your mobile telephone to access WhatsApp, Email Facebook etc.

Also available through your local Echomaster Dealer

All prices ex VAT
Echomaster T&C's Apply
Lease Agreements Subject to Status
Initial deposit £105 followed by 33-direct debit payments of £35 per month
Arlene Hardacre or Andrew Masson [Trade]
  01261 831644

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