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Crab lobster pot entrance eye

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For Sale:

Osprey Side Entrance Eye


£2.06 + VAT AND CARRIAGE while stock lasts.

Product Code: GRMLPE

The Crab/Lobster Pot - Side Entrance Eye is perfect for a new pot build or a quick on board repair.

The outer ring has moulded on hooks to easily locate onto pot netting. It can be secured by using tie wraps or bindings. The smaller entrance into the pot area has fingers that stretch and reform.

The shape of this entrance can be influenced from round through to oval (or even a semi closed position) by tensioning the tie wrap location holes.

The inside diameter of the Entrance Eyes are:

Width: 24 cms
Height: 14 cms
Depth: 25 cms

Price  £2.06 + VAT & Carriage

For more information please contact Ian:

Email -
Tel - 01723 585333

Click here for more information (external site).

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