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Last Modified: 06-06-2023
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For Sale: Rakhsh H-Type Dive Boards - Deep Trolling for Pollack
Location: UK

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Fairwater Fishing 078 777 277 95

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The H-Types dive board is the deepest diving board that is commercially available. The different shape and larger size means they easily outperform any K-type boards you can buy anywhere.

H-490 boards are already popular and well proven bits of equipment used by commercial fishermen to catch large quantities of Pollack from inshore waters.

The New H-590 board is bigger and stronger; it's hoped these will work deeper, opening up more grounds to hook and line fishermen.
Stock is on order and should arrive soon.

The Intermediate Rigged H-Type Kit contains:

* 1 x Rakhsh H-Type Dive board with holes for towing loops ready drilled.
* 1 x Dive Board rigging kit; with loops, stainless swivel and ball bearing clip swivel fitted.
* 1 x Towing Line – 125m x 1.7mm Thunderline on wooden line holder
* 1 x RPS02-LSD – A Complete dive board trace with 5 single rigged lures plus tail end lure and a Silver Darling
* 1 x RPS02-LTE - A Complete dive board trace of 5 single rigged lures plus tail end lure.
* 1 x Pack of Weak Link Cable Ties.
* 1 x Fairwater Fishing Intermediate Written Hints & Tips to help you catch fish from the start.


If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.

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