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For Sale:

Refurbished Trawlsensors

Hvide Sande
Refurbished second hand Scanmar trawlsensors.

Fully tested, mechanical parts replaced and remolded, so it looks like new
Fitted with new batteries with the code of your choice.

Price examples:

Scanmar Distance Sensor: 6.700€
Scanmar Minitransponder: 2.450€
Scanmar Catch Sensor: 2.760€
Scanmar Trawlsounder: 6.000€
Scanmar Flowsensor: 6.900€

All refurbished sensors are sold with 1 year warranty

We also do service and repair on YOUR sensor
Incl. Scanmar, Marport, Simrad, Notus...

Contact us today, for a non-binding offer.

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE.  If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.
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