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For Sale:

Semi- pelagic and prawn net.

£1,234 ono
1 x Swan Nets semi pelagic net complete with fish bag for 600/700hp in very good condition £1800 ono.
1 x IC Mid water herring net complete with herring/mackerel bag for 2 x 600hp in good condition £1800

25ftm (headline) Pepe trawl. Had new wings fitted and worked for a couple of months then brought ashore for new ropes and grass rope. Hasn’t been shot since.
Approximately 460 fishing circle of 80mm mesh with 300mm square mesh panel.
Good fishing net. £650 ono. ****SOLD****

Twin rig clump. Used with 2 x 15ftm grass rope nets for 300hp. Fitted with scallop wheels. £450 ono.

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