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Solent P Bracket Davit HD

£2,295 +VAT
New to the Solent Range of Commercial Fishing Solutions, based on our popular Aluminium unit this Hauler is built entirely from heavy duty 6mm 316 Stainless Steel so no rusting over time.
Multi position mountings for your Block with tie back point also.
this Unit comes complete with Swivel foot, Gunwale clamp and rotary control valve piped ready to run! All components are built and stocked at our UK plant not imported so spares always in stock and available.all P brackets come with keeper assembly inc .
Can be configured with our 3/4 or 1 ton slave heads. the hauler comes with replaceable wear plates as standard and we will also include a spare set free of charge. Contact Lucy in Sales for more details but please be aware we can't offer spring summer deals only the same affordable prices and quality all year round. Famous for our quality not our paint colour!

Lucy Middleton [Trade]
(0)1243 512113

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