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For Sale in Marine Electronics

ID: 78839
For Sale: Solowin Plus HiRes 3D plotter with AIS target tracking - Rentals available from £105/month
Price: £3,600 + VAT per unit
Location: Seafield Navigation, Fraserburgh, UK outlets



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SoloWin Plus provides detailed high-resolution 3D mapping for smaller vessels. Based on a compact but powerful 12V fanless PC, SoloWin Plus is a fast and robust system well suited to installations where space-saving is a concern.

This SoloWin package includes a folio of Hi-Res 3D seabed charts for your working area, and also comes with a medium resolution general 3D map for the whole UK. Other features include AIS target tracking and a free ENC chart pack to match the 3D mapping.

Seafield Navigations High Resolution 3D mapping is produced using professionally surveyed data, offering extreme detail based on dense soundings accurate to 10cm in 3D. This makes it perfect for fast boats where the vessels own soundings are of poorer quality due to high speed.

SoloWin Plus is an excellent tool for both static gear and mobile gear, revealing far more information about your working area than regular ENC charting would show. Discover new channels, edges, slopes, wrecks and other features to enhance gear safety and improve your fishing, or cut fuel costs by scouting out entirely new locations without having to map them yourself.

Mapping is available for the whole UK with new survey data being added regularly. If you should end up in an area outside the extensive coverage, SoloWin can also record data from your own sounder to add to the 3D display.

SoloWin Plus comes with free data transfer from another plotter, and has multiple optional add-ons such as Tide prediction, Sedimentology databases, Trawl tracking, screens in a range of sizes and more.

Rental Maintenance contracts are available from £105/month, with flexible terms available. Seafield Navigation also offers more powerful systems for larger vessels or more demanding users. For more information about these, please contact us or visit our website to find a local dealer.

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