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Boat For Sale in Commercial Fishing Boats - Under 8m

This advert was marked as SOLD on 11 Mar 2023

ID: 128156
Name: Hopeful
Make/Model: Wooden
Location: Lerwick

Build Year: 1933

Used For: Jigging

Hull: Wooden

Length: 7.41m

Beam: 2.38m

Draft: 1.00m


10 Metre and Under


Beta Marine B-38




Fixed and hand-held VHF Radio
Bilge Pump
Bilge Alarm
Approved Navigation Lights

Additional Information:

I got the boat during covid but have no time to fish now as life came back completely to normal, it just doesn't suit my lifestyle. I spent £35k on it, including everything. I'm hoping for £25 000 + VAT which would be £30 000 in total.

The boat is ready to fish and I mean it, everything is at the latest standards and no issues with it at all. Mainly used for mackerels and Cods but the licence comes with Shellfish entitlement as well

Also, the deal would include all the fishing gear, I'm not planning to hold back anything from the following list:
- The name and number of the boat (less hassle with paperwork)
- Bilge cleaner, jizer and some handy tools
- Fire bucket
- Ropes
- Safety ladder
- 4 Rollers
- Hooks, lines
- 2 First Aid kits
- 2 Jigging Machines
- Liferaft fixed and being hired currently
- New battery charger and accessories
- Smoke alarm
- Bilge alarm
- New bearing
- New antenna
- Radar reflector
- 4 Orange ball fenders
- 4 White and blue fenders
- 2 Buoys
- 2 Scales
- Ice shovel
- New filters
- New Impeller
- 2 Lifejackets
- 2 PLBs
- 3 Parachute flares
- 2 Hand-held flares
- 1 Smoke signal
- 2 Fire extinguisher
- VHF Radio
- Hand-held VHF Radio
- 2 Bilge pumps
- Anchor and cable
- Compass
- Torch
- 2 Bins
- Some lead weights

The boat is in Lerwick Marina. Hopeful LK700


If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.