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Fairwater Metal Head Mackerel Traces now use new and improved Razorbill Hooks

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Mackerel Traces - Metal Head

£4.95 +VAT

Ed Russell [Trade]
078 777 277 95

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The Metal Head is a new way of making Mackerel traces that we have spent a couple of years developing with trials aboard our own boat and with help and feedback from full time fishermen all over the UK, Ireland and as far afield as the USA.

The concept allows us to make Mackerel traces with a single snood that are incredibly strong but will still out fish most sets of traditional gear tied with Norwegian loops when the fish are not feeding hard and fishing becomes scratchy.

The Metal Head provides a very neat and secure connection that is virtually failsafe and it also has the added bonus of adding attraction to the hook.

These traces are designed and assembled in house by us and assembled in our quayside workshop which is set up for the task. They are unique to Fairwater Fishing.

Each hook is dressed with brightly covered PVC tube, 4 strands of ribbon in the tail, and the Metal Head. The hooks are extra strong and we only use top quality clear monofilament line.
Our Metal Head traces are suitable for use with heavy hand winding set ups, powered gurdy and jigging machines.
Available in sets of 10, 15, 20 hooks, 25 hooks and 30 hooks. Each set has a loop at the top for fast and secure connection and short sets can be easily joined together to make longer traces.
Metal Head traces are made using new and improved Razorbill 894 series Mackerel Hooks.

To order these or other quality items from a complete range of commercial hook and line fishing gear click on the banner above this advert or look for ‘Fairwater Fishing’ on your internet search engine to find our website that is complete with shopping cart facility.
We are also able to take card payments over the phone - 078 777 277 95

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